Chill Pill Review by Candy Keane | Geek Mamas

Chill Pill Review by Candy Keane | Geek Mamas

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Geek Mamas | The Chill Pill Review!

Check out her blog to see Author, Mother & Certified Geek Candy Keane lay out a genuine Chill Pill Review

Quick Takes

chill pill reviewCandy endures anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia (if anyone is going to provide a thorough Chill Pill review, it’s her!).

She describes her first situation using the Chill Pill during a panic attack, saying “I feel like I now have a secret weapon to help pull me out of the panic attack spiral…”

From a quiet evening on her own patio to giving a presentation for a group of school children, Candy was able to keep the Chill Pill discreetly in the palm of her hand. “It was like a tiny rhythmic reminder to chill out and relax”, she says.

While she already has a solid sleep routine (settling into bed with a good book), she’s still trying it out for the more persistent nights of insomnia!

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