The Habits that Make Depression Worse and How to Cope

The Habits that Make Depression Worse and How to Cope

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Many people struggle with mental illnesses such as depression. While there's no denying that coping with depression is challenging, could your daily habits also be making it worse?

Read on to discover the habits that are making your depression worse and how to break those habits so that you can fight and overcome depression and manage your depression daily.

Avoiding the Sunlight

There are times when the mere glimmer of sunlight through the windows can be painful because it means another painful day is about to begin.

Keeping your curtains large and thick to block the sun is doing more harm than good. The moment you get rid of those thick curtains, you'll realize that avoiding sunlight didn't help at all.

A sight of a sunrise or even a little sunshine will make you feel better, as cliché as it may sound, but it will give you hope that maybe today will be different. It may not have completely solved everything but it will make everything lighter.

Dwelling on Stressful Situations

We return to our dark days when we are stressed. Stress pulls us back into the hole where depression chains us.

Stressful events can cause us to dwell on them. Instead of finding options to resolve and deal with them, we will worry about them over and over again. And doing this will drain us of energy.

Managing stressful situations can be exceptionally difficult when you suffer from depression. But you have to learn how to fight back so that you can deal with stress better.

Find out what makes you feel calmer, what actions you can take to separate yourself from negative thoughts, and think about how you can implement those into a way of managing stress. You will be able to cope far better with the stressors you face this way.

Watching the News

We love watching the news. It is entertaining and it keeps us up-to-date on what is going on around the world.

When you suffer from depression, watching so much negativity and seeing how unfair life is will make you even more depressed. Not only does seeing all the crimes and accidents trigger your anxiety, but it also aggravates your depression.

While being informed is important, the feeling you get after watching it isn't worth it.

Avoiding Physical Activity

Living with depression makes even the simplest tasks a constant challenge. It's not that you're lazy or a choice not to do things, it’s because you literally can’t. Taking a shower is a chore, and just staying in bed is your primary method of dealing with depression. The more we chain ourselves to our beds, the more we are giving depression control over us.

Stand up and do something that makes you feel good. I know it's hard and sometimes impossible, but it's worth it. Start small and set small goals, and if you want to accomplish something else after completing one, then do it. As long as you're trying, that's enough.

Social Isolation

When you are struggling with depression and life feels overwhelming, hearing someone's words or reaching out for support can be a very difficult task. We understand how difficult it is to reach out when even getting out of bed can feel impossible. During these trying times, we need a support system.

You will feel afraid to talk to someone and ask for their help, for fear that people would dismiss or judge what you are feeling. When you start letting people in slowly, you will realize that not everyone will judge you. They may not understand what you are experiencing but they will be there for you, and they will be there to listen.

Even though changing these bad habits may not completely rid you of depression, they make it a lot easier to cope with it. Start recognizing the habits that are fuelling your depression and change them one at a time. Keep fighting, we can do this!

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