Chill Pill 2.0
Chill Pill 2.0
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Chill Pill 2.0

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The deal you've all been waiting for! The Chill Pill 2.0 is introducing 5 New Mode Levels and a Heating Function for additional stimulation! Grab yours fast before the limited quantity drop sells out. 

  • New Sleeve Colors

  • New Heating & Pulsing Functions 

Heat Yourself to Sleep?

Lower your core body temperature while the traditional pulse lulls you to sleep, attacking stress and sleepless nights from all sides!

4.5/5 Rating

How can heat help you sleep?

Why Does it Work?

Hacking Internal Sensors

Our body is filled from head to toe in sensory neurons—those things that tell our brain when something is happening in our body. These sensors will tell us when we are danger, when we're getting too hot, and even when we're having a panic attack!

The Chill Pill 2.0 sends out a warm rhythm that helps our internal systems to calm and cool down. When we're uncomfortable and struggling with stress or a lack of sleep, some crazy messages get sent to our brain. But when we let the Chill Pill do the talking, we can return to a stabilized state, allowing the tension to melt away from head to toe.

The Peripheral Nervous System

As one of the primary ways that our bodies' process touch, our peripheral nervous system is made up of two sections—the motor division and the sensory division. These two systems process sensory input from the outside world, connecting our external stimulants to our internal functioning and feeling, and keep our vital organs running, like maintaining a regular heart beat, breath, and more unconscious processes. These necessary internal networks control the same pieces of ourselves that freak out or keep us up all night.

The Fascia

Commonly referred to as connective tissue, the Fascia is the largest and most unappreciated organ in our bodies. Acting as the glue that holds all of our pieces together—bones, muscles, ligaments, and organs alike—the Fascia keeps our systems organized and in place. And since it's everywhere, it feels everything! Even the smallest amount of pressure applied to the fascial net will send a message across the entire body at lightning speed. The fascia is also known for its incomparable memory; every injury, tear, trauma and scar is stored in the membranes for ages and influences the messages that are sent throughout the body.

Electrical Pulses

As the pulse continues on, your heart beat, breathing, and thoughts will fall in line until they are calm enough to drift off to sleep.

Heating Function

Trick your core body temperature into falling, allowing your blood pressure to drop, and your cardiovascular system to take a rest. As you cool from the inside out, your body drifts off to sleep.

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