All Natural Sleep Aid, No Medications Needed!

All Natural Sleep Aids, No Medication Needed!

Because let’s face it, we’re tired of being told “there’s a pill for that!”.

Insomnia can take many forms…

Whether a side effect of a necessary medication, unlucky genetics, or even insomnia as a COVID symptom (yes, it’s possible), insomnia is the absolute WORST.

But, we’re going to get through it together, once and for all.

Since there are so many different causes for lying awake at night, finding the right solution for you may take some time. Some people swear by melatonin gummy candy, others throw back a shot of NyQuil.

The problem? Dependency, for one. Then you’ve got all of the chemicals, additives and unnatural substances involved that make for one majorly toxic cocktail that will eventually be more trouble than it’s worth. Not to mention, you could get through an entire container of chemicals just to figure out that it’s not doing anything for you!

Mental health is entirely subjective, so it would make sense that the solutions for mental issues would be too, right?

While there is no sure-fire “Cure for Insomnia”, a boat load of science and a splash of determination can get anyone on the path to better sleep habits with a natural sleep aid.

So here it is, our “cure” for insomnia!

With an experience as subjective as our mental health, there’s never going to be a guaranteed, blanket cure-all. But we’ve come pretty close!

The Chill Pill is a revolutionary natural sleep aid that helps you fall asleep fast without the need for medications like melatonin (or even the more serious prescriptions like lorazepam and bupropion).

It works by utilizing your neural pathways to calm your entire nervous system from top to bottom so that your pulse slows, your heart rate calms down, and you can rest however you need!

While the device is fairly new to the American market, the technology used to create it is as old as it gets! Well-researched and backed by numerous 3rd-party studies , the Chill Pill uses Electrotherapy Stimulation (similar to a CES machine without the terror of attaching electrodes to your head!) to calm your body and send you into a naturally relaxed, worry-free state.

The pulse emitted from the silver circle sends messages to your brain to chill out, literally! As your nervous system is in charge of things like how fast or slow your pulse is, how tight or relaxed the muscles throughout your body are, and so much more that contributes to your daily mood, the Chill Pill is the perfect natural sleep aid for an anxious, restless body.

The perfect calming routine is a team effort!

While the Chill Pill can do great things all on its own, sometimes we still need a little help from our friends!

The best results are seen when the Chill Pill is used in conjunction with:

  • A regular bedtime routine; skincare, dental hygiene, a cup of tea, and off to bed with your chill pill!

  • Breathing exercises; the square breathing method is a valuable natural sleep aid technique to help calm your nervous system from heart to lungs to muscles in a matter of moments

Ready to give it a try?

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